Passion to Accomplish

The Founder and CEO of OneInfo Group and Services, Sandeep was born in Hyderabad on September 14, 1987. Sandeep started his career in IT industry as a Designer and Digital Marketing. After coming out from ArkhyaTech, he gained experience in UI/UX Design, Development and Digital Marketing service. During 2009-2018, he initiated the Web and Mobile application Design, Front End Development and made its brand launch. This role gave him the opportunity create a success story.

During 2017-2018 period, he was aware that there would be a big change and progress in Digital Marketing with the rise of internet usage in the world. His passionate, curious and courageous personality led him to establish his own business while he was only 30 years old. In 2017, when he established OneInfo Group of Services, the purpose of the company is to build/develop application.